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Designed to maximize revenue and streamline operations, BBA allows boat rental business managers and owners to spend less time on the admin and expand their business. BBA is a online and offline, scalable solution that provides boat rental businesses with all of the critical features they need in one, easy-to-use solution, including a coaching and training platform, reservation and booking management, secure online payments, business development strategies, marketing services, and on-site mentoring.

It all started with a need.

BBA is a company that is ready to meet the needs of an expanding market. Every year more and more accidents occur because of illegal charter companies and inexperienced boaters, BBA aims to help people understand the laws and regulations better and make sure the waterways are safer. In addition to the innovation that comes from our teams, we constantly seek feedback from our customers to deliver the best boat rental business management software on the planet!

Meet the Team

The Founder

Mrs. Anicet started Aquarius Boat Rental in 2019 and built the business from the ground up, including overseeing operations, finance, HR, and marketing. The business is now one of the biggest boat rental company in South Florida. Mrs. Anicet additionally has significant business development experience with both Viac Luxury Real Estate, as well as Aquajet Miami.

Mylene is an accomplished expert in marketing, management, and emotional intelligence which has helped her enable other businesses to succeed. Because emotions create motion, Mylene aims to spark the light into the entrepreneurs spirits that will make their business successful.


Mylene Anicet Garot
CEO and Founder


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