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Thanks to Boat Business Academy become a Master at renting boats. We train, coach, support, and enable operators on the water to develop their boat rental activity following the Coast Guard legal requirements and smart business strategies. Whether it is to grow your existing business, to make sure your business is compliant, or to start a new boat rental business, we have the All-In-One solution.

Manage, Market and Deliver a Compliant Boat Rental Experience


Develop your business


Become BBA Certified


Drive more bookings


Automate and save time

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BBA creates exceptional experiences for boat rental managers and guests with an innovative all-in one solution. Our Boat rental software coupled with our Boat Rental Academy help our customers maximize revenue, get compliant, reduce operational costs, get extensive training, streamline the guest experience, and outperform the competition.


Discover our Boat Business Academy ™

An online and offline coaching program designed for new business owners to create a growth plan and learn the fundamental pillars for their boat business success. But also for industry veterans to develop their business on the water staying compliant with all the local and federal laws.

Our Integrated Solution for Boat Rental Businesses

The way you run your Boat Rental business can’t be left to intuition and chance. Your ability to manage expectations, be compliant and make adjustments will determine the extent of your success. BBA provides awesome integrations with all the tools you need, real-time data that allows you to move with speed, accuracy and intelligence to make strategic, data-driven decisions.


The BBA Community

We organize offline workshops, conferences, networking events and on-site coaching. Make sure you register to become part of our awesome boat business community, even if you are not a client! Become part of our outstanding Boat Rental Business Community and apply for to get your "BBA Compliance Accreditation".

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Whether you’re a boat rental business owner, reseller, or booking software provider, talk with our friendly sales team to understand how BBA can meet your exact business needs.

Whether your boat rental business is large or small. No matter your business’s structure or number of employees, harness the benefits from a streamlined activity booking platform coupled with an academy designed for entrepreneurs on the water.


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Less time on Admin, More time Sailing.

BBA’s boat rental management solution focuses on helping you stay compliant while allowing you to focus on generating more bookings while reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency.

Our Boat Business Academy™ is a real knowledge center with online and offline trainings, coachings and audits. Making your business successful and this industry safer is our top priority.

Our integrated solution makes it easy to stay connected with staff and monitor their daily work progress while eliminating burdensome, manual processes. Enable your clients to book online, sign their waivers, write reviews and receive reminders all-in one place.

An Ocean of Features

Online and On-site Coaching

Our outstanding team of mentors are here to support you every step of the way.

Online Bookings, Payment and Calendar

All the industry leaders reunited on one platform.

Legally Compliant Process

Avoid paying big fines and run a compliant business. From Bareboat process to UPV, we assist you throughout your process.

Waivers, CRM and Integrations

Make sure you comply with your insurance requirements and always stay in touch with your clients.

Business Development Strategies

We are expert in Business Development, and outsmarting the competition. We will help you become the leader in your area.

Web presence

Boat Rental Website-ready templates, SEO, Google Ads Strategies.

Grow your community and get returning clients

Satisfied clients are always your best advocates. We will teach you how to fidelize your clientele and turn them into your brand-ambassadors.

Get BBA Certified with a BBA Compliance Accreditation.

Become a BBA Certified Business and build trust for your clients.

Workshops and Conferences

We come to you! We regularly organize workshops, conferences and networking events for our entrepreneurs on the water.

Build your 5-star reputation

The key to your online success: a spotless 5-star reputation online and offline.

Our Plans

Choose the right plan that fits your needs.
As business owners on the water, we know that time management is the key to success: manage all your boats, bookings and learn to be the best in a fraction of the time.

Monthly Yearly


  • Full Access to Our Academy Platform
  • 1-hour Business Coaching
  • 500 Users
  • Invite to BBA Networking Events
  • BBA Membership
  • Free On-site workshops


  • All Academy Essential Features +
  • All-in One Boat Rental Management Platform
  • Waivers Integrated
  • Payment Processing
  • Credit Card Processing Fee 2.9% + 0.30 cts
  • Marketplace Integration


  • All BBA Ultimate Features +
  • Integrated CRM with Automation
  • Efficient Review Collection Feature
  • 24/7 Support
  • One-to-one classes
  • Twice a year Audit of your business
  • Dedicated Business Coach

Need a custom plan? We are help to help! Get in touch with our sales team.

Our Add-Ons


A la carte
  • On-site Audit and Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • BBA Certification
  • Invite to BBA Networking Events
  • BBA Membership
  • Offline workshops


Starter Kit
  • Website Design
  • Legal Structure
  • Insurance
  • Licenses
  • On-site Mentoring
  • Boat Purchase Assistance
  • Marketing and Business Development Strategies
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Get BBA Certified

Build trust with your clients and become certified by the first American Boat Rental Certification.

Your business will be reviewed and selected to get the accreditation. Renew your membership yearly and stay compliant.


Initial Consultation and Business review

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